Research Links

This page contains links to sources that should be of particular interest to monetary and economic theoreticians, historians, and innovators.

Free Money
The “Free Money” movement was a major effort during the 20th century to liberate the control of money and credit from the political and corporate interests that have monopolized it.  

Master archivist, John Zube, has compiled and astonishing amount of pertinent material and has made it available at little or no cost. John Zube’s extensive Bibliography on Monetary Freedom (2010) can be found on the Panarchy website.

Commercial “Barter” and Exchange
The International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) is the trade association for the commercial trade exchange industry. The IRTA online Library provides a wealth of material, including publications, advisories, and videos that are useful to trade exchange operators and others interested in exchange alternatives.

The National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE) is another trade association for the commercial trade exchange industry.

Monetary Reform

Ludwig von Mises Institute. “Austrian economics.”
Economic Reason. A good source that explains the realities of modern money and banking.
–  Working for a SANE Alternative. A large body of work of James Robertson
–  Prosperity, Bromsgrove Group. “Freedom from debt slavery.”
–  American Monetary Institute. The monetary reform organization founded by the late Stephen Zarlenga
–  Hans Eisenkolb
–  The Liberty Dollar. The hard money actions of Bernard von NotHaus.

General Green Economics

New Economics Foundation. The London based organization that gathers information on new economics across the board.

Schumacher Center for New Economics (formerly, E. F. Schumacher Society). This website provides comprehensive coverage of new paradigm economics, including local currencies, community land trusts, and community supported agriculture (CSA).

International Forum on Globalization. Includes work by David Korten, Jerry Mander, and others.

The Henry George Foundation. Henry George was one of the most insightful and astute political economists ever. He died more than 100 years ago but his economic proposals are more relevant today than ever.

Geolibertarian Website.  Dan Sullivan’s website. “We Geolibertarians distinguish ourselves from right-wing, “royal” libertarians by our profound respect for the principle that one has private property in the fruits of one’s labor. This includes the fruits of mental labor and the results of reinvestment of legitimate private property (capital) in future production. We remain consistent in that respect by recognizing, as did the classic liberals, that land and raw natural resources are not the fruits of labor, but a common heritage to be accessed on terms that are equal under the law for everyone. The statist system of land tenure empowers non-producing landlords to extract the fruits of tenants’ labor.”

Operational Community Exchange Systems

The Community Exchange System. Community Exchange System (CES) provides a trading platform and free hosting for hundreds of currencies and exchange systems around the world and includes rudimentary a capability for inter-trading amongst them.

LETS Link UK – The go-to site for everything about LETS in the UK.

Time Banking. All the details about time banking.Time Banks UK

Time Banks UK

Peer-to-Peer and other alternative lending schemes
–  JAK, “The Good Bank”
–  Islamic and Finance


The Grameen Bank. Information about the Grameen Bank, the premier micro-lending institution.


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