• Beyond Money is my active blog on which I post my recent writings, presentations, and interviews as well as related news,  articles, and links.  It is “devoted to liberation of the exchange process and restoration of “the credit commons.”  This is the one you should follow.
  • Tom’s News and Views tells about, What I’m doing, what I’m thinking, and information you can use.
  • Community Information Resource Center (CIRC) is a project of NEST, Inc., the non-profit organization that supports my work, as well as a number of other educational and community improvement projects. CIRC is a networking hub and information source dedicated to transformational restructuring.

2 responses to “Sites

  1. Found this site through ( REAL DEBT ELIMINATION ) very informative extremely helpful. I’ve already ordered ( THE END OF MONEY & THE FUTURE OF CIVILIZATION ) can’t wait to get my hands on it. I was unable to order ( UNDERSTANDING & CREATING ALTERNATIVES TO LEGAL TENDER ) sold out! What I would like to do is establish away to implement bitcoin into the equation. Ideally I envision them granting virtual currency to pro se litigants who were victims of fraud & discriminatory lending practices of all the major banks & bank servicer’s as well as the US Govt. & FED. I tell anyone who will listen we live in an information age unfortunately 98% of JOHN Q. PUBLIC would rather be entertained! I prefer to stay informed it pays better.

    • shows copies of MONEY: UNDERSTANDING & CREATING ALTERNATIVES TO LEGAL TENDER, in stock. If you can’t get it there try the publisher, Chelsea Green.
      You should also visit my active site

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