– Background and Rationale

This website is the culmination of more than a quarter century of research, study, and experimentation by Thomas H. Greco, Jr.

In the process, I have consulted a host of sources and authors both living and dead, orthodox and otherwise – mostly otherwise, and have gleaned an understanding of the essential meaning of money, how it has evolved, how it functions and malfunctions, and its role in determining both the patterns of power in the world and the future of civilization.
It is my personal mission to demystify money, banking, and finance, to show how flaws in the existing structures are the cause of so much unnecessary suffering, and to design and implement better systems of exchange and need satisfaction. I have pursued that mission through research, writing, teaching, speaking, and consulting. I intend to continue in that vein while seeking to add collaborative activities involving the design and implementation of new exchange mechanisms by various constituencies at the local, regional, and global levels, and by promoting, in various ways, cooperative non-exploitative approaches to finance and economics.

THE primary lever of power in today’s world is the overly centralized, monopolistic control over money, banking, and finance. Money constitutes the greatest and most acute current problem, while being at once the structural domain that is most ready for a transformational shift. It is clear that the best and most promising approaches to liberating economic exchange are in the realm of private, voluntary, free-market initiatives, and that is the entire substance of this site.


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