Introduction to Free Money and Free Banking

Money is a human contrivance, the primary purpose of which is to enable the easy exchange of goods, services, and capital assets. The way in which a monetary system is designed and operated determines how effectively and efficiently it achieves that purpose.

Since money is such a fundamental and necessary element in the process of economic interaction, it has often been the object of political manipulation and control, and, in fact, central bank and government monopolies have become virtually universal throughout the world.

We believe and contend that there is no economic advantage, and much disadvantage to monopoly control over money and banking. When people have a choice of currencies and exchange mechanisms, the advantages of exchange can be more fully realized, economic equity can be advanced, and people will be empowered to more fully meet their material needs.

We have available to us many compelling historical lessons, insightful analyses, and alternative designs that can lead us in the right direction. These are collected on this web.


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  1. Iakovos Alhadeff

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